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Decide how many people you want to reach for your upcoming marketing campaign and we'll handle the rest.

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Per user per year
  • 5,000-25,000 views to your project on Twitter (X)
  • Unique posts and threads created by 1-3 top content creators
  • 100% hands-off for you
  • Complimentary CMO advisory
  • Tracking of performance
  • Starting at only $500
  • 100% money-back guarantee
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Get serious with your Crypto Twitter marketing and have our content creators give their audience your best alpha.
Per user per year
  • 50,000-100,000 views to your project on Twitter (X)
  • Unique posts and threads created by 3-6 top content creators
  • 100% hands-off for you
  • Complimentary CMO advisory
  • Tracking of performance
  • Starting at only $2,500
  • 100% money-back guarantee
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For the projects laser-targeted on reaching the moon, this is your spaceship.
Per user per year
  • 250,000 views to your project on Twitter (X)
  • Unique posts and threads created by 10+ top content creators
  • 100% hands-off for you
  • Complimentary CMO advisory
  • Tracking of performance
  • Contact for custom pricing
  • 100% money-back guarantee
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Our team has worked with the industry's best

We're the only zero-risk company in crypto

Money-back guarantee

If we don't reach the number of views you signed up for, we'll give you 100% of your money back and eat the cost we paid our content creators.

No bots, no fake sh*t

All of your views will come from real crypto Twitter (X) users. We don't do fake marketing because it doesn't help you and it certainly doesn't help our industry.

Work with the best

Our founding team are seasoned industry marketing and growth executives. We've built massive global communities with real marketing that just simply works.

Stop wasting money

We built this because we are tired of crypto marketing agencies charging tens of thousands per month for poor content, fake engagement, lack of strategy, and "PR" placements on websites that nobody will read.

What to know before contacting us

Can I buy the packages directly on the website?

No, we need to learn more about what you're looking to accomplish and check with our content creator network to find a fit. While our network is expansive, it is ultimately up to our content creators to decide if they want to write and promote your project to their audience.

Can any project become a client?

No, we have a vetting process. In order to protect our brand and the integrity of our content creators' audience, we will assess whether your company is legitimate during our discovery phase.

How do you select the top content creators on crypto twitter?

We've been at this game for a while, so we have worked with hundreds of creators. We assess based on many factors: type of audience they've garnered, quality of writing and research, general reputation based on projects promoted, responsiveness during campaign flight times, adaptability, platform reach (not # of followers), and more.

Can I choose the content creators?

We will offer you a list of recommended creators based on your campaign goals. If we anticipate an incompatibility between your goals, your chosen creators, and the X views target, then we reserve the right to make an adjustment to the pricing. This would happen before we begin our engagement together. Therefore, you won't get any surprise fees.

How much input can I have in the content that gets posted?

When approved to work with us, you will fill out a questionnaire that details the campaign you would like to launch with us. This is your opportunity to get very clear on the type of content that our content creators will draft up. If you need help with strategy, this is where our CMO advisors can help.

Once the content creator shares the draft, you'll have the opportunity to make comments before it goes to publishing.

How do I know the Twitter (X) views are real?

You can assess the content creator yourself postings to decide for yourself. We only drive eyeballs to your brand via a creator's posting or the creator can send impressions to your posting.

How do you define a view?

Views are the number of impressions shown for posting on Twitter (X). For a thread, it is the total of all the impressions tallied up. We don't deliver on engagement because there are too many variables outside of our control, like how good your campaign or offer is.

How quickly will I see results?

As soon as our post is published on X, you'll see the views roll in immediately. In order to maximize exposure on X, we highly recommend continuing to buy packages to keep up your brand presence.

How does your money-back guarantee work?

You decide on the number of X (Twitter) views to achieve your campaign goals and we enter an agreement to fulfill those minimum views. If we do not, we will provide 100% of your money back and will absorb the cost we paid the creators.

What forms of payment do you take?

We take stablecoin payments: USDT and USDC, on the Ethereum and BNB Chain networks.

Is there a minimum commitment or contract?

No, each package is on an ad-hoc basis to reach the number of agreed upon views.

How does the complimentary CMO advisory work?

Our CMO advisory team has worked directly in the industry's top companies, such as the growth teams on Binance and Trust Wallet. With each package you purchase, you will receive a CMO advisor that can help with strategy and campaign tracking to ensure you maximize your results with us.

How are you different from other crypto marketing agencies?

Many crypto marketing agencies offer a full-suite of services, such as content writing, community management, PR, social media, etc. The problem is that if the full-suite of offerings

cost tens of thousands of dollars every month, yet produce subpar results - is it worth it?

The marketing typically comes with minimal strategy and worse, the "PR" placements are on websites that nobody reads or visits (including the agencies themselves). So why would you spend your marketing budget for it? Even worse, during the bull run, these marketing agencies had the audacity to force their clients to give token allocations with no guaranteed results.

We got tired of these low standards, so we created our packages as the solution. We’re not an agency, we don't do it all, and we don't want to.

The only thing we offer are guaranteed views to your brand via our content creators so that we can get your project in front of as many people as you desire. There are no mystery variables or hidden fees. You get the views you sign up for, and if you don't, you get your money back.

What does the process look like together?

  1. You fill out our form with your details
  2. Our team will assess the fit and provide you with a decision via email or Telegram
  3. If we move forward, you complete a questionnaire and we discuss which package fits your campaign best, including the content creators that will be involved
  4. Invoice is sent with payment instructions
  5. Upon payment, our CMO advisor will strategize with you while the content creators get to work
  6. When the draft post(s) are ready, we will review first and then you'll review next for sign-off
  7. All the parties agree on a publishing date and time
  8. After publishing the post(s), our team will track its performance, provide you with updates, and make adjustments as needed to ensure we reach your minimum view count
  9. When you're happy, rinse and repeat - let's go again!

Get trackable, guaranteed exposure with our Crypto Twitter packages today!

By working with us, you pay for results. Whether it is a bear or bull market, we stand by our output with a 100% money-back guarantee.

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